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E pūlama nā liko - Treasure the youth

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Orchid Bobby Pins

The Single Orchid Bobby Pins sell for $5.00 each and come in a variety of natural colors.

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Floral Hair Picks

These hand made hair picks come in a variety of florals used for placement in your hair or behind your ear and adds a beautiful touch for any occasion. Select from plumeria, spider lily, tiare, puakenikeni or gardenia. Hair Picks range from  $5.00 to $10.00 each.

Baby Hula/Baby Tahiti Head Bands

So cute! These baby head bands come in a variety of colors and floral styles to choose from: Pink and yellow plumeria, white tiare and purple orchid (not shown). Your toddler will love them, too! They will fit an infant up to a Toddler. All head bands sell for $12.00 each.

Shell and Tiare Bobby-pin & Clip Sets

Small yet elegant...The tiare and shell rosette bobby-pins come in sets of 2; and the mixed shell/pearl dangled clips are sold individually or in a set of 2. Please specify  the style you wish to order. Shell rosettes and dangles sell for $10.00 a pair. Starfish pins and clips are $8.00 each or $15.00 a pair.Tiare Floral Clips and Bobby Pins are temporarily OUT OF STOCK.

Tropical Floral Clips

Our Tropical Floral Hair Clips come in a variety of colors and floral types: yellow/white or pink plumeria, purple or yellow orchid, red anthurium to name a few. These clips come in two sizes to select from: Medium (3 inches) for $12.00 and Large (4 inches) for $15.00.

Ohi'a Lehua Hair Adornments

These beautiful hair adornments though made with artificial Ohi'a Lehua look almost real. The favorite blossom of the fire Goddess, Pele, Ohi'a Lehua is the represented flower of the Big Island. Blossoms are used in competition lei and can only be found in the mountains and high country of the Hawaiian Islands. The Ohi'a Lehua Hair Adornments sell for $20 each and come in either red or yellow.

Hulu (Feather) Hair Picks  SOLD OUT

These Hair Picks are made of real feathers by one of our students and are enhanced by a pearl at the center. Select your choice of color. All Hulu hair picks sell for $7.00.

Ti Leaf Haku

Hand braided (haku)  silk ti leaves are mounted on a clip or a comb. Medium size (3 - 4 inches) $15; Large (4 - 5 inches) are $20

Hair Adornments...

Our Hair Adornments come in a variety of styles and prices for you to choose from. All are hand made here on the Big Island.