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E pūlama nā liko - Treasure the youth

Tiki Jewelry

Green Hei Tiki (plastic)

Temporarily SOLD OUT

Green Hei Tiki Pendant 3 inch         $5.00 each

Green Hei Tiki Earrings 1 inch         $5.00/pair

Fake Guage Earrings
Fake Gauge Earrings -

Inspired by the KORU - the unfolding new leaf - represents new beginnings and harmony. These  unique fake piercings are hand carved and available in bone and natural, organic rosewood. Sold as a pair.

TOP ROW - BONE:                  KORU 1 inch - $28/pair

                                                   "S" spiral 1 1/4 inch - $28

2nd ROW - ROSEWOOD:        KORU 1 1/4 inch - $28

                                                    KORU tail 1 3/4 inch - $25

3rd ROW - ROSEWOOD:         Tribal 1 3/4 inch - $25

                                                    Black Tribal 2 inch - $25

4th ROW - ROSEWOOD:         Black Tribal 1 1/4 inch - $25

                                                    Black KORU 1 3/4 inch - $25

Pounamu (Greenstone)
Paua (Mother of Pearl) -

There is no other shell in the world that has the combination of colors like the Paua. 

Found only off the waters of New Zealand,
the Maori honors the Paua as a good luck charm
giving peace, prosperity, good luck and good health
when given as a gift. Promotes longevity, and acceptance of others.  Double Heart is SOLD OUT.


Carved Bone Pendants and Earrings -

Pendants range from $25 to $45 each based on size.

Hei Tiki –Strongly defined features and robust manner of this symbol is a fine example of classic Maori art. Female hei tiki were worn as talismans of fertility.  


Matau - The Fish Hook ensured fishermen a good catch. This symbol represents Prosperity & Good Luck; a safe journey across land and sea.

Koru – Derived from New Zealands native fern frond, this symbol representsNew Beginnings, New Life, Growth & Harmony. 

 Pounamu (Greenstone) -

Authentic “Greenstone” from
New Zealand

Known as Pounamu, a form of green nephrite jade found in the South Island of New Zealand.  
Maori Greenstone Jade Adze or Toki (Maori) symbolizes strength and triumph over adversity.

Individually priced:sizes are approximately in order of appearance:

#1- Earrings 1"L x 1/2" W @ $65/pairTemporarily out of stock

#2 - 4" L x 1/2" W @ $85

#3 - 3" L x 3/4" W at bottom @ $125

(not shown) 3 1/2" L x 1 1/4" W @ $165

#4 - 2 3/4" L x 1 1/4" W @ $135

Paua Shell Jewelry
Carved Bone Jewelry

Maori carvings (Whakairo) are unique to the Maori culture. All of our pieces are hand carved from Greenstone (Pounamu) or bone by a local artisan. These are not plastic nor are they "Made in China".

Maori Jewelry... Pounamu, Carved Bone & Paua