'Alohi Polynesian Dance Academy
for the Performing Arts

E pūlama nā liko - Treasure the youth

30 mm Sun Catcher

Sun Catchers...

Enhance the positive energy in your life with these beautiful Sun Catchers. Each piece is individually made and created with Aloha. Available in various color schemes to enhance specific areas of your life; in your home, office or anywhere you want to enlighten your environment. Each piece is unique - made with glass beads, gemstones and Austrian crystal; accented with Paua Shell, Mother of Pearl, Swarovski crystal and/or Fresh Water Pearls. Approximately 6 inches long. Price: 30mm - $20.

The various colors represent different areas of our lives: Aloha (Love and Marriage) come in shades of red, pink and white; Mahalo(Wealth and Prosperity) are shades of purple and blue; Hau'oli (Creativity and Children) come in pastels and white; Pono (Center, Balance) comes in yellow and earth tones and finally, 'Ohana  (Health and Family) comes in blues and green.