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E pūlama nā liko - Treasure the youth


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Pictured below are what we currently have in stock - extra small toere (left) Temporarily out of stock; and four small sized toere (center);  toere sticks (right). Our toere are made of Milo wood.

Toere Drums and Sticks...

Traditional wooden log drums toere are hand carved by Master Drum Maker Alofaitama Meafou. These drums are skillfully tuned to give true resonating sound. Made of Milo wood and beautifully carved, each piece is a work of art. Price: Small Toere Hand Drums are $200. The Extra Small Toere Hand Drum is Temporarily out of stock. The Medium Sized Toere sell for $375. Number 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are available. See below. The Large Toere Drum sells for $600, and the Large Lead Drum sells for $900.

Ironwood toere stick sells for $55 each.

Standard Toere stick sells for $50 each.

Additional shipping charges may be required for these items. Drums are shipped via UPS or FedEx. We will select the most economical method for you. Please contact the seller for additional information at: contactalohipda@gmail.com.