'Alohi Polynesian Dance Academy
for the Performing Arts

E pūlama nā liko - Treasure the youth

Maori carvings (Whakairo) are unique to the Maori culture. All of our pieces are hand carved.

Whakairo (Carvings)...  Under Construction

Whakairo - 

Taiaha – Some tribes believed that this Maori Weapon with brightly shining eyes watched out for the enemy in hostile times. The Taiaha is made from Native Paua Shell and Rimu timber. 

Matau - The Fish Hook ensured fishermen a good catch. This symbol represents Prosperity & Good Luck; a safe journey across land and sea.

Koru – Derived from New Zealands native fern frond, this symbol represents New Beginnings, New Life, Growth & Harmony. 

We carry an assortment of Wall art, gift boxes, Magnets and much more.